Grygon (grygon) wrote in game_movies,


who is looking forward to the Doom movie? who isn't?

i'm pretty mixed. it'll have karl urban in it so even if it turns into just another zombie movie at least i can stare and drool at something.

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Mixed. I've been waiting for this movie since Doom 64 came out, at which time they said the movie would have the badass, redesigned monsters from that game. Then Doom 3 rocked my world and they said the movie would contain those even more badass, redesigned monsters. Now, supposedly the movie will have no monsters at all, which will theoretically turn it into a zombie movie. I love zombie movies, but that's not what Doom is all about.

Back in the day, I wanted so badly for this movie to happen that I wrote my own script with the intention of sending it to id Software. Now I'm not so sure anymore.


read the books? wish it could be based off those somewhat, WITH monsters. heck with zombies. i love zombie movies but they are getting to be boring with one coming out every weekend now a days.
You know,I've never played any of the Doom games.

Now that that's oughta the way....

Really,I hope for the best. It could be done right,and let's face it-it's kinda hard to screw up a movie with just buttloads of violence. But then again they made Ecks vs. Sever,so....I dunno.

It's BOUND to be better than that POS Bloodrayne movie.