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There is hope.

I saw the Silent Hill movie Friday, and I haven't been able to speak in anything other than monosyllabic gibberish until about five minutes ago.

It... Jesus, I don't even know how to say it. It was fucking awesome.

It may not have much for non-Silent Hill fans, but if you're a Hiller this movie is the fucking definition of fan service. Some characters have been changed, but none drastically, and while the story amalgamates the plot line of the games and veers from the story sometimes, it never feels too forced. For example, instead of Harry or James, the main character is Rose Da Silva, a kind of female version of Harry Mason from the first game. At first the change struck me as unnecessary and weird, but when you actually watch the movie, you realize that the protagonist role in the movie is actually much better-suited to a maternal figure than a father.

What really kicks my ass is that there are few, if any, things about this movie I did not like. The acting is a little awkward, but only sometimes, and only with certain characters. The dialogue is stiff and sometimes really fucking corny, but then again, the movie is based on the first two games, and in the first two games the dialogue was really stiff and sometimes really fucking corny.

The Good:

The opening sequence where Rose and her daughter enter Silent Hill. This scene is lifted nearly verbatim from the opening of the first game. Fucking beautiful.

Two words: Pyramid Head. I won't spoil anything for anyone, but I will say this: in the games, Pyramid Head was a badass. But in the movie, you DO NOT fuck with Pyramid Head. Seriously, if somehow you pull a Last Action Hero and get sucked into this movie with a magic ticket, you'd better pray to Valtiel the Yellow God that Pyramid Head doesn't come within a half mile of your sorry ass.

In addition to Pyramid Head, there are quite a few other monsters in the movie that were prominent in the games.

Guest appearances by random supporting characters from the games.

Pretty much all the music and ambient sound in the movie comes directly from the games. Fuck yes.

The special effects are excellent, but not overdone. In fact, there's not that much CG in the movie at all.

This movie is gorier than any of the games, and there are a few scenes that will make you wince in vicarious pain for the characters. Some of the death scenes are absolutely fucking brutal.

It's not directed by Uwe Boll.

The Bad:

In true Silent Hill fashion, the story is convoluted and sometimes damn near impossible to follow, especially since the storylines of the first two games have been blended together. Non-fans will probably be hopelessly lost by about halfway through.

Also in true Silent Hill fashion, the dialogue ranges from "passable" to "laughably bad."

As a game movie: 9.0 / 10. Easily the best game-to-film translation so far.
As a movie: 7.0 / 10. Not perfect, but by no means bad.

All rabid fanboyism aside, if you're a Silent Hill fan, it should go without saying by now that you owe it to yourself to see this movie. It's worth your time. If you aren't that big of a fan of the series, but still enjoy game movies, check it out anyway so you can be reassured that there is indeed hope for the future. This is, in my opinion, the highest-quality game movie made so far.

The days of House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark are over, my friends. Although there's still a lot of room for improvement, I'm happy to say that people are finally starting to take game movies a little more seriously.

I encourage you to watch it and write reviews of your own. I really want to hear what people think about this.
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