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I saw Doom tonight.

I went to see a 10:30 PM showing of Doom tonight. The theater wasn't too crowded, which I was somewhat surprised by.

The movie as a movie, is okay. It isn't the best, but by no means is it a piece of shit. As a video game-movie...it's fucking Citizen Kane. This has to be the best translation from game to film that I've seen.

The good:
1) There's plenty of gore.
2) Monsters all over. Imps, zombies, hellknights, and those four-legged things are in there.
3) The sets looked like they were from the games.
4) Kick-ass weapons, especially the BFG.
5) Plot was close enough to keep us gamers happy, yet realistic enough for regular audiences not to go "...the hell?"
6) Believe it or not, the black dudes were NOT killed first. And one of them was given a good death.
7) The Marines throw up after going through the transporter. This shows that they aren't some super-human soldiers, they're regular soldiers, regular people like you and I.
8) Various gamer types are seen in the different squad members. Very cool idea.
9) THE FUCKING FPS SEQUENCE! What's great is that it also reminded me of Berserk mode. Anywho, they made a smart decision with only having it for a five-minute sequence in the film. Had they done it with every single time they fired their weapons, it would've been worn out like bullet-time in the Matrix flicks.

The meh:
1) They did a bunch of "fake scare" scenes in the first 20-30 minutes of the film to get you ready for the monsters. All in all, Doom is more entertaining than it is scary.
2) Any big fights were done with hand-to-hand combat. How often did we fight against the bosses of the Doom games with our bare fists? Sure, it looked cool in the movie, but...

The bad:
1) Hardcore fans will be disappointed that imps don't throw fire, and that the monsters aren't from Hell (unless they're saving that tidbit for a sequel).
2) I personally thought that it was too dark in some of the rooms. Sure, they do that in the Doom games, but I was wondering why they weren't turning on lights more often.
3) We don't get to find out too much about the different characters. Perhaps if there's a novelization they'll go into that, but I dunno. Would've been nice.
4) Imps and zombies are explained, but the presence of the hellknights aren't. I don't think so...I don't want to give away too many spoilers.

All in all, I had a pretty good time. While it isn't a great movie, it's definitely worth a watch. I'd give it 2 or 2 1/2 stars.
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