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The Max Payne movie is one step closer to being a reality.  Please tell me I'm not the only one intrigued by this... The games are some of my current-generation favorites, but I have to admit that, film-wise, the whole "gritty anti-hero whose family was murdered by organized crime, forcing him to take the law into his own hands" schtick wore thin a while back, and bullet-time is so trite nowadays that seeing it in a movie makes people laugh.  Nevertheless, I'd definitely get a thrill, however cheap, out of seeing Max fly through the air in slow-mo and fill some mafia fuckers with buckshot up on the big screen.

Ha... back when the original Resident Evil movie first came out, I stared in disbelief at Eric Mabius (it was the first time I'd ever seen him) and thought, "Holy shit, it's Max!"  In fact, I think I pissed off the girl I took to the movie, because every time he showed up on screen I would say "Max Payne."  Now that I've seen Eric Mabius in other things and seen the older-looking, less tongue-in-cheek Max model from The Fall of Max Payne, I don't really think he looks much like the character.  Anyway, the point of this bullshit paragraph is to say that it's too early to know who'll be playing Max or who will direct.

Tangentially, that GameSpot news page also has links to some info about the Halo, Hitman, and American McGee's Alice movies.  The Hitman movie will be starring none other than Vin Fuckin' Diesel, which kinda sucks for me because I don't care for him much as an actor.  On the bright side (for me), I never really played the Hitman games too much and, as such, never really developed an affinity for them or for Agent 47, so if the movie sucks, I won't be too let down.

It would be ironic (again, for me) if the Hitman movie, which I could do with or without, were to end up being better than the Max Payne movie, which I've been cautiously looking forward to ever since I read the last few pages of the first game's manual.

What say you?

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